My Phone Bill is $180 per Year

You might not even think this is an option or perhaps I have made some sort of typo, but in-fact my phone bill, before taxes for the next 12 months, is $180 (~$194 after taxes and fees). How is this possible? Well I simply chose to go with a discounted phone plan by Mint Mobile.

I came upon Mint Mobile originally by doing searches for discount carriers in my region, but I was slow to pull the trigger. It wasn’t until I heard from my brother that he was using Mint Mobile that I finally took the plunge and enrolled in Mint Mobile’s 3-month trial period to test it out. So, now I’m paying it forward and telling you about Mint Mobile.

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I signed up over the Thanksgiving break without giving it too much consideration. I thought that as long as I could get reasonable service when I needed it I could use WiFi to get by until my 3-months ran out and switch back to my old carrier. Besides that, they have a money back guarantee but who doesn’t these days. I went with the bring your own phone plan because I already had a paid-for iPhone (thanks bro!). So, the start-up cost for me was obviously very small and as advertised. I believe they have options for getting service and a phone but I didn’t explore that too much on account of not being in need of it. Once the chip came in the mail with the directions it took me about 15 minutes to read everything and get started.

Mint Mobile 2

So, the real question is, how was the service? I felt like the service was pretty good, but to be honest, I think the service wasn’t as good as what I have experienced previously with the big-four carriers. There were some circumstances where I didn’t get service in areas that I was accustomed to and other areas where I now received service and hadn’t before. I estimate that I am getting 90% the level of service I did before at a savings of 80% – 50% depending on what plan you compare this one to. From an economic adjusted outcomes perspective, think benefit relative to cost, I was making a massive improvement. To me this move was a no-brainer.

Cell phone service is tricky, like rent, in that you pay the same amount for it no matter how much you utilize it, at least on plans that aren’t a complete rip-off. In the case of cell phone service and my individual pursuit of happiness I view less utilization of cell phone service as a good thing. I think we are all probably guilty of spending too much time on our phones at this point. As a result I wasn’t phased by the slightly reduced coverage, but was quite pleased by it. Additionally, freeing up another ~$180 a year to put towards savings and philanthropy makes me way happier than random cell service in places I hardly find myself in anyways. Whenever I think what if I really need that extra service I instead ask myself, what did my parents do in the fearless age before cell phones?

In any case, my overall review of Mint Mobile is a positive one and I strongly encourage you to think about making the move yourself if you are searching for ways to save more money and get back in touch with the world right in front of you.

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NOTE: In this blog post I am reviewing the Mint Mobile service as part of an affiliate marketing program (i.e. I get a small fee if you sign-up for Mint Mobile after following one of the links in this article). That said, I am a user of their service and wouldn’t be putting a review up if felt it wasn’t worth it to my audience and I wasn’t happy with it myself.

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