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Welcome to Phillnance.com! This website discusses the intersection of the pursuit of happiness, health, environmentalism, and financial independence.  To me the pursuit of happiness is heavily dependent on the ability to be free from outside influences, and therefore I write a lot about how to set yourself up to be financially independent while not losing sight of the things that truly matter in life.

Why do I care or take the time to write about this? Well as a young man growing up I saw many of my friends and family members struggle during the Great Recession. I saw how a lack of financial literacy and awareness of what actually makes people happy get the better of them. I love people and hate to see them suffer so when I feel like I can make a difference I view it as my duty to do so.

What makes me qualified to write about financial independence and happiness? For starters I have navigated the financial world with a fair amount of success. I managed to accumulate a great deal of savings during my time in the military on a less than stellar salary, and then more than doubled my net worth in undergrad after my service. I followed that up with a few years earning my MBA which enlightened me with a view of systems and strategies that informs how I think about the relationship between happiness, health, and wealth. I’m now well on my way to financial independence and have had the privilege to enjoy two “mini-retirements”.

I hope you enjoy the website and more importantly find something you can take from it to improve your own life. I am quite certain that the average person can take lessons from Phillnance.com and apply them to increase their happiness and save thousands of dollars in the process while leaving behind a smaller ecological footprint. Please let me know if there is anything I can improve, I’m always open to feedback.

Please browse my most recent content from the Home Page where there is a listing of blog posts in reverse chronological order.

Good luck on your adventure and I wish you the best in the pursuit of your happiness!

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